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I’m a business guy who speaks geek.

I love business
: I obsess over business problems and their solutions. In my opinion, business results take precedence over pretty design. Your customers have problems and want to know if YOU are the best person to solve them.

My Philosophy: An online presence is essential for a viable economic engine powering Your Business. Your website is a living, breathing document connecting YOU with the world market place.

I help YOU & Your business by integrating web technologies with your business processes. I use a unique combination of “intuitive knowing“, business experience, results oriented strategies and simple online methods that work.

Bottom Line: Geeks & Designers work well when you provide them clear pictures and technical specs, but they cost YOU a fortune when not properly directed. If you’re like most business people YOU have no clue what’s essential for an online presence. By working with someone who understands business and knows what works online will make YOU money.

I translate Your Business Objectives into Geekese & Designese. I’ve been getting technical since the early 1980s. I have BS Degree in Engineering Technology and my first business computer was an IBM PC with a single 5-14 inch floppy drive and 180 column dot matrix printer (My first personal computer was a Commodore 64).

The Result: You get a Built To Last web site that works for your business. Click here to get an affordable business website quote.

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