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SunCal Solar Power Generation

Clean Solar Electricity for Your Home Generate clean electricity from the sun for your home
with a Photovoltaic (PV) Solar System installed by SunCal Solar. 


Did you Know it's possible to reduce your monthly electric bill
to just 17¢ a day, no matter how much electricity you use
AND have the government pay for about 50%
of the total installed cost of your solar electricity generation system?

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Why We Are Different We are locally owned and operated so every design and installation is personal.  Each system is designed by a highly trained electrical engineer.  Additionally, our technicians are in your area everyday and are available to help.  We have local expertise.  We design, install, and maintain Solar Electricity Generation Systems specific to your goals and needs.  That is all we do and it is what we do best.  Our focus in North County San Diego allows us to serve you better.  We will work with you from initial Consultation to Design and all the way through Installation and ongoing Maintenance of your Photovoltaic System. How Does Solar Photovoltaic Work?

Solar PicturePhotovoltaic Solar Cells generate electricity by converting the sun's energy to electricity.  This is energy that is already hitting your house and going to waste.  Electricity from the solar cells is then converted (by an Inverter) to the same Type of Electricity that your utility company provides to your home.  The lights and appliances in your home can then use this electricity and any "extra" unused electricity is essentially sold back to the utility company using Net Metering.

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