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We’ve got a rotating selection of eclectic frozen yogurt flavors and every topping under the sun. From fresh, locally grown fruits to classic rainbow sprinkles and hot fudge, even we can't decide what to mix up first. But that’s the best part. We don’t decide, you do!

Mix up as many flavors and toppings as your little heart desires. At Menchie’s, you pay by weight not by topping so you can have as much or as little of everything you want. It’s simple as can be, just...

Seeking to create the perfect yogurt experience, Menchie’s offers the purest and creamiest “real” yogurt flavors, featuring live and active cultures. Low in fat, and high in calcium, Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt makes for both the perfect snack, or a delicious meal in itself. Menchie’s also serves a variety of tasty fruit sorbets, as well as low-carb and sugar-free yogurts. For an unforgettable experience, try your yogurt inside one of Menchie’s fresh-made waffle bowls.

Menchie's loves being the ultimate fro-yo destination, but we truly pride ourselves on being a part of the local community. Menchie’s is the perfect place for the post-soccer game celebration or the Little League victory.

Local schools depend on Menchie's to help fundraise for programs and events; and for every regular customer that walks into a Menchie’s, there’s a trained “Mixologist” that knows his or her name. It's a beautiful thing.

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