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The American icon; The Front Lawn in San Diego, is a real water hog. Kent Horner with C & H Gardens Artistic Landscape & Tree Service, Inc. offers an alternative to the common grass blanket found in most front yards. Outdoor eco makeovers can give us many possibilities to create a playful sense of aesthetic beauty with a wide plate of colorful plants without intense maintenance issues.  Adding colorful rock, boulders and mounding, to the yard helps create texture in the landscape and prominently displays specimen plants to their full advantage while suffocating any pesky lawn that may have escaped removal.

Horner tells us to resist the urge to throw down turf and tempts us with a wide array of succulents, palms and grasses.  He also gives us tips on why a low water-use garden is a must in San Diego County. There are only five areas of the world that share the unique climate category known as the Mediterranean. This mild climate includes warm, dry summers, relatively wet winters, and a low annual rainfall, depending on the El Nino and drought cycle.  Conditions like these are perfect for a group of plants that are, by nature, drought-tolerant.  The Mediterranean plant palate is large and diverse which allows Kent to plant landscapes that are pleasing to the eye and, at the same time, ECO water-wise.

Whether you care to be water wise or not C&H Gardens is the company to get the job done correctly. Your home is your castle and a retreat from the daily pressures of making ends meet, keeping the kids on track and balancing the world on your shoulders on a day to day basis. It needs to be a refuge and place of peace.With this in mind, Kent Horner, owner operator of C&H Gardens Artistic Landscape & Tree Service, Inc. has compiled the ingredients for the quintessential California garden. Whether your pleasure is an English Victorian Estate, a Tropical Palm Paradise, Mediterranean or a Borrego Springs Oasis complete with a multitude of succulents and cactus, this man can make it work for you.

Kent has spent his life in California. "I know the microclimates, the needs, the vegetation," he says. "I can create a beautiful landscape that requires minimal maintenance and will look good for years to come." Horner's custom designs include softscape (plants, trees and tropical’s) and hardscape (ponds, fountains, patios, decorative paths and barbecues), as well as proper drainage, irrigation and lighting.

Kent Horner has worked for over 30 years on both residential and commercial properties. The Mirage hotel in Las Vegas, large property management company’s such as Carlsbad Ranch Maintenance Assoc., schools like Grauer, Ada Harris, SDA and the homes of hair-mogul Paul Mitchell (Malibu), writer Anne Rice (La Jolla) and the Cleveland Indians' Charles Nagy (Rancho Santa Fe), among many others. 

C & H Gardens tree division can meet the specific needs of your commercial tree care and maintenance. We will survey your property and provide a free estimate. Our goal is to achieve a superior aesthetic appeal with your landscaping and enhancing the health, vigor to your trees and maintain a proper balance between the hardscape and soft landscape. While meeting city code requirements and safety issues. 

The tree division specializing in a full range of arboriculture vegetation management services including yearly maintenance, tree pruning, lacing, shaping, removal, stump grinding, cabling, bracing, fertility treatment, pest and disease control, tree installation, transplanting, eco restoring water wise conservation and 24 hour emergency services. 

Many years of experience with trees, plants and creative design, Kent also is sensitive to Feng Shui principles and, beyond the garden he is an accomplished pianist, singer/songwriter, a lifelong surfer and a former helicopter pilot/instructor. The more extensive your experience, expertise, relationships and social interactions, the more you understand people and their needs. And that's Kent Horner's specialty: He really knows people - and plants. It is comforting to know that your landscape designer has an artist’s soul.

"A lot of people in the business have been around the block," Kent admits, "but not too many have both the experience and a genuine love for the work, coupled with an artistic and creative sense. My passion for landscape architecture and design allows me to plan superior, imaginative landscapes that bring beauty and tranquility to your environment with endless enjoyment of your outdoor world”. 


C & H Gardens Artistic Landscape & Tree Service, Inc. 760.846.2200 www.plantch.com

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