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Company Mission; 

BLACK WOLF - Training Academy instructors are chosen for their experience, professional attitude and passion teaching.    They are carefully chosen from a variety of Military and Civilian back grounds..

Some agencies include;

United States Navy “SAMI”,

USMC Scout Sniper School CamPen,

Local Police Departments

    All our instructors are NRA certified in their perticular fields. And all understand the importance of high quality training and know that training often means the difference between life and death. They are committed to bring you the best in firearms and tactical training. All instructor are Experts in their fields. They have developed a training standard that has proven itself in real world confrontations..

Here is what your customers have had to say:

"...I would like to thank you and your staff for your willingness to instruct my wife and I !

We appreciated your patience and detailed instruction, even though at times I was disappointed with myself by not catching on completely. We will be back soon to reinforce these lessons and to continue with the training.”

John and Joanne Wxxxxxxxxx

“...I could tell by the end of the 12 lessons that my shooting and technique (still needing much improvement) was so much better. I was pleased and amazed that you could bring me along so quickly

I am are grateful to you for your great efforts and understanding." - Fred J.

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