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ExpressLoan is a Private / Hard Money Lender and specialize in loans of less than $500,000 on local real estate. We are your source of funding when the bank says no or you simply need to close quickly. ExpressLoan can usually close a loan in 5 to 9 business days from reciept of a completed loan package.

We look at all income types and all credit grades. We will consider most types of properties as long as they are somewhat easy to establish value.

ExpressLoan will lend up to a maximum of 65% of the real property value as determined by us.

Brent Calver has been in the lending business since 1984 and has the experience and knowledge to help you get your project funded.

Please call Brent for more information or to get your loan request started at 760-634-4545 or email him at brent@expressloan.com

In addition to lending, ExpressLoan offers handsome returns to investors looking to invest in Notes secured by Deed of Trust. Call Brent for more information.

As Seen in The Coast News Group on 07/15/2011
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